Fears of Neuromarketing

The greatest societal fear of Neuromarketing is the possibility of Neuomarketers manipulating consumers in ways that are unknown to the consumer. Roger Dooley explores this fear in a blog post about the Civil Rights of one’s mind. He describes the call by many for legal ground for invasive brain technologies used in neuroscience, such as using brain scans as lie detectors, propranolol as a memory eraser, or transcranial magnetic stimulation to increase empathy and euphoria in epilepsy patients. He describes the argument of whether memories, and essentially thoughts, are societal property or not. Potentially meaning does society, marketers in particular, have legal rights to your thoughts? Subpoenaing a person is essentially society’s claim to your memory. Dooley recognizes the legal and ethical issues associated with neuroscience, but does not believe Neuromarketing to be very much affected. “People’s brains are too different, and advertising has been practiced for too long, for a new breed of super-ads to pop out of a few fMRI scans. I agree with Dooley. The purpose of Nueromarketing is not to make mind-slaves out of consumers and trigger the buy button in the brain, but to waste less on advertising and create more satisfying products for consumers.


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