Modest Exterior Complex Interior

In order to grasp fully how this highly scientific cross-disciplinary business called NeuroFocus operates I think it’s important to know that the base of operations is a modest two story building in a Berkeley, California neighborhood, not a mulit-acre facility. Although it does house the world’s biggest EEG lab, with a total of six machines. This doesn’t seem like much. But this firm produces an annual revenue of over $18 million and does business with fortune 100 companies in categories from internet to retail to food and beverages to TV and automotive industries. NeuroFocus is considered the leader within its field. It prides technology such as a 3 dimensional virtual reality experience where subjects can see the shelves of a grocery aisle and reach out to touch items on the shelf, while being monitored by the EEG for subconscious responses in the body. The subject may see an aisle of peanut butter with shadows and depth wearing simply 3D glasses. This technology allows NeuroFocus to simulate a store environment and see how consumers react to new products. NeuroFocus headquarters may not look like much, but “Much like our skulls, the exterior of the Neurofocus HQ conceals a beehive of complex activity.”


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